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In 1948, after the Japanese invasion of the Philippines, Arsenia Umali started selling coffee beans from Lipa, Batangas in a small scale distribution within the area. In the 1950’s, Arsenia Umali fled Lipa Batangas with her only son Alberto Umali Olarte to the highlands of Baguio City. To provide for her son and family, she brought the BARAKO coffee to the cordilleras to make a living. Buying and selling coffee, they stumbled upon the BENGUET coffee locally grown in the cordilleras.

The first store was established in 1953 located in Baguio City Public Market as a family business and became a prominent name as a coffee supplier in cooperation with several farms providing coffee around the region, helping each other for the love of coffee. Using the family name UMALI which also means WELCOME in the cordilleran dialect. Hence. the store was called UMALI COFFEE STORE

By the 1960’s to 1970’s, UMALI COFFEE STORE remained as the number one source of coffee beans, not only in the city, but of the entire province and most parts of northern Luzon with 2 coffee store branches located at the Baguio public market and Baguio hangar market. And by 1980’s, Alberto started venturing to cafeterias located at hangar market, Hilltop Hotel, and 2nd kayang st.
By the 90’s most of the stores closed. However, the first store held its ground and survived the turmoil.

Present day, Kape Umali coffee company has 2 stores in Baguio, and growing number of outlets all over the Philippines.

The first coffee shop, CAFFEINE ADDICT, was established 2004 in Nevada square in Baguio City under the collaboration of Sendero Luminoso and Umali coffee store, and tried to regain the UMALI name as a dominant coffee provider. Now located in Shangri-la village Baguio City


To bring back FILIPINO values by being an innovative coffee business model that is sustainable, honest, fair and passionate.

As a COFFEE PROVIDER is to earn the loyalty of customers and grow the business by developing and marketing coffee products that are leaders in quality and consumer interest. To enable and inspire customers to enjoy a coffee experience by providing distinctive, excellent service, high quality products, superior coffee and knowledge.

As a COFFEE SHOP is to excite our customers serving premium quality coffee, espresso beverages, coffee cocktails and more by our traditional Filipino touch. To provide the very best support to our clients and the very best coffee shop systems for our franchisees, to empower each shop or franchise the edge for success.


To position Kape Umali Coffee Company as a dominant regional brand of the cordilleras, with a national presence, by consistently delivering exciting products, sensations and experiences to an increasing number of admirers. Furthermore, by growing our customer base, distribution, exporting and expanding our franchise system, while giving back to the farming communities and the less fortunate.

COFFEE AT ITS BEST: Great coffee, Great people!

Visit our coffee shop and outlets to experience coffee the way it should be. It’s a coffee lovers haven and a coffee aficionados’ sanctuary. Every corner is a photo op for any caffeine addict. Try our traditional coffee brews, liquor coffee and other gourmet coffee you won’t get in other commercialized coffee shop. Dine with family and friends with our selections of sandwiches, cakes, and dishes. Listen to soothing unplugged music from local bands. Enjoy the artistic works in our gallery!

We supply:

coffee seedlings for growers
green coffee beans for roasters
roasted coffee ; ground or whole beans for:
cafes, coffee shops, coffee houses, cafeterias, restaurants, hotels, offices…

We also blend coffee beans, preblended or anything depending on your taste.

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